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Peter about the production techniques

“We do many different production techniques. Such as offset, you have that in sheets and rolls, rotation offset. The circulation is important and the paper thickness is limited. Depending on the circulation and the choice of paper, we opt for sheets of offset or offset rotation.

In addition, we also do a lot of digital printing due to its flexibility. On laserjet sheets and rotation inkjet. These digital rotary printers are large machines. The advantage of digital is that you can create your variables in full color on every print. So you can, for example, print a map on an adrescarrier that is linked to the address of the recipient. So every direct mail is different. Another advantage of digital printing is that small runs in terms of costs become interesting. Our strength lies in personalizing as many items as possible and that is perfectly possible with digital. All images are, for example, variable, provided that your database is in order.

To guarantee quality, we often go to the press at the printing press when the printing starts. We coordinate almost everything for the lotteries and the Persgroep Nederland. We often also make a digital proof if we have only received a PDF.

We also work with flexo, among other things. We use flexo especially for reply envelopes, gimmicks such as pens or key chains, and nowadays flexo is very sharp. ”

Different printing techniques:

  • Sheet offset, rotation offset
  • Gravure printing, flexo, screen printing
  • Digital, plano, digital on roll, full color inkjet

Knowing more? Feel free to drop by for a one-on-one inspiration session with our DM specialist Peter.