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The function of the 2D Matrix code in Direct Mail

You’ve probably also asked yourself what is the conspicuous addition next to the delivery address on many pieces of mail. It looks like a QR code, but scanning it with your phone’s camera yields nothing. What it is? It’s the 2D Matrix Code. And the purpose of this code? This code is the key to a whole new world of possibilities. Behind the seemingly simple 2D Matrix Code lies a wealth of benefits that can significantly improve the way we communicate and transmit information.

Let’s take a closer look at what this code has to offer and why it is worth becoming familiar with it.

Digital revolution in direct mail

As mentioned, the 2D matrix code is not a QR code; it is an advanced two-dimensional bar code that brings with it a world of possibilities. This code consists of black and white cells in a square pattern and contains crucial information, such as your letter’s identification number and delivery address. What makes this code special is its ability to recognize and read even damaged parts. Thanks to the 2D matrix code, PostNL sorting machines can effortlessly determine the correct destination for your mail, significantly reducing delivery errors and mail returns.

Inseparable duo: the 2d matrix code and the coding line in direct mail

An important detail to remember when using the 2d matrix code is that it must always be printed on the address label in conjunction with a coding line. The encoding rule acts as the key that opens the door to the many benefits of this technology. Printing the 2D matrix code and the cipher line together ensures that your direct mail is processed efficiently.

The Benefits of the 2D Matrix Code in Direct MailThe Benefits of the 2D Matrix Code in Direct Mail

The benefits of using the 2D Matrix Code in direct mail are significant and can impact the effectiveness of your campaigns:

  1. Track your mail while it is in transit with track & check
    The 2D matrix code and encoding rule allows you to closely track your direct mail while it is in transit to the recipient. This not only provides peace of mind, but also allows you to optimize the timing of follow-up actions.
  2. Bring extra attention to your mail with My Mail in the PostNL app
    By adding the 2D matrix code and encoding rule to your direct mail, you can encourage recipients to use the My Post feature in the PostNL app. This gives them access to personalized information and offers, increasing engagement with your communications.
  3. Piles of returns are a thing of the past with digital returns
    Using the 2D matrix code, you can easily set up digital returns. This offers recipients a convenient way to return products or services while you streamline return processes and save costs.
  4. The flexibility to still not send your mail after it has been sent
    Sometimes it may be necessary to adjust or even cancel a direct mail campaign after mailing. With the 2D matrix code and encoding rule, you have the flexibility to do this, allowing you to respond quickly to changing circumstances or strategic decisions.


At a time when digital innovations are transforming communications, the 2D matrix code provides a valuable bridge between physical and digital experiences. It is no longer just an image next to the delivery address; it is a key to efficiency, personalization and convenience. If you want to prepare direct mail for the future, the 2D matrix code is the way forward. So always remember to combine this code with the encoding rule for maximum impact and unlock the full potential of your direct mail campaigns.

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