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PSI-Vransen Direct Marketing

PSI-Vransen en de liefde voor direct mail

Activation sometimes a real challenge? Turn your issue around

We get more from any target group: from existing donors or more from a prospect database. We specialize in activating every conceivable target group. With proven concepts, not only for fundraising, but also for subscriber acquisition, loyalty programs and lead generation.

The article below was published in Vakblad Fondsenwerving at the end of 2023.

What does PSI-Vransen stand for?

Jeroen: ‘We have been offering our clients creative, smart and cost-effective direct mail solutions for thirty years, based on – sometimes really surprising – key insights from the target group. We combine that with sharper data selections. With only one goal: maximum ROI from every campaign. In doing so, we unburden our clients by offering direction throughout the entire process, from initial idea to the doormat.’

What is the main trend you see from our profession right now?

‘We see that target groups are increasingly difficult to get moving: a development we see in every industry. This requires you to look at activation issues differently. PSI-Vransen looks at what inhibits people from doing something if asked, instead of overloading the target group with motives to respond. We “flip” the issue, so to speak, turn it around. And that always leads to new valuable insights, on the basis of which we are able to create more effective concepts.

Can you give an example of collaboration with a client that you are proud of?

‘Our collaboration with Nationale Vereniging de Zonnebloem, which is dedicated to people with physical disabilities. Together we ensure a successful approach in recruitment via Direct Mail: from concept and data to elaboration and finally production. We segment deeply and gain more knowledge through split-run tests, which enables us to continuously refine target group selections and propositions. For example, we recently conducted an interesting incentive test to recruit new donors. One segment received a set of postcards, another a bicycle route, supplemented with a call-to-action to download a free digital booklet with 24 bicycle routes.

The response figures are confidential, but you can imagine how the behavioral psychological principle of reciprocity works here. When you download a booklet like this, you immediately have it accompanied by a donation.’

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