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Peter about digital printing

“You can also go to PSI-Vransen for everything that is so highly personalised, that digital printing the best option is. In DMs we nowadays often add a personal QR code, for example linked to Tikkie, so that people can donate or pay immediately. In addition, we can link QR codes to a personalized landing page.

We also often use cards for digital linking. We can process an NFC chip in a card, QR codes. Everything is possible with cards. We have PET cards instead of PVC cards, but we also do a lot with cardboard cards, which basically look the same as plastic cards. We even have a compostable card, with almost the same functionality as the PVC card. Unique and very environmentally friendly. ”

Different ways of personalizing:

  • Digital laser print, inkjet
  • Inline
  • 1 on 1
  • QR codes
  • NFC

Want to know more about the possibilities of digital printing for your company? Peter is happy to talk to you about it.