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Strengthen your DM

Direct & Digital


higher conversion


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Combining Direct & Digital

The classic DM gets extra power in combination with digital communication. Whether it is about recruiting new customers or donors, activating new and existing relationships or increasing the conversion; combine direct mail with digital communication and your conversion will be up to 28% higher. Get inspired. Increase your success with a digital targeting.

Receiver appreciates the option of digital

If the addressee in your mailing has the option of also collecting information digitally or taking action, they will feel more appreciated. Research shows that it concerns almost 60% of all recipients. In addition, they remember email up to 40% better and brand awareness is greatly increased.

Three times digital

Attracting new customers, activating customers from their own database, retaining customers and donors (retention), conversion through upgrading, cross-sell, tell-a-friend or other DM campaigns; digital can increase your success. PSI-Vransen inspires you in three different ways.

Give your customers or donors recognition by allowing them to log in to your webpage via your DM, use a personal URL, promotion or QR code, or recognize them by their online profile. And it can do even more high-tec by adding an NFC chip with data, for example processed in an enclosed card.

With an NFC chip you can exchange data in a safe manner within a radius of 10 centimeters. Consider contactless payment and the OV chip card as an example. The chip is programmable, so that you can trace it directly to the customer. Moreover, you do not need any additional software, you can immediately apply the chip. Link the NFC chip to geographic data and you will enrich your customer or donor profile.

The recipient opens a personalized webpage via a personalized QR code. This not only gives you a higher level of involvement, but you can also monitor payment behavior and have extra data entered. In addition, after the visit you can show digital ads on the page (retargeting). And what about measurability via a dashboard with real-time data? All information that gives you better control of your campaigns.