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PSI-Vransen Direct Marketing

5 marketing trends for more effective direct mail

Do you want to score with your target audience? Embrace the marketing trends of 2024 and achieve greater success your direct mail.

Marketing Automation

In a world that revolves around efficiency and personalization, we deliver the right message, to the right person, at the perfect time, with smartly designed direct mail campaigns, strengthening your customer relationship.


When providing physical direct mail, we put a focus on sustainability.

Learn how you stand out on the mat but also how you contribute to a greener planet by choosing the right paper and using your data more effectively. Read here how Vanilia translates sustainability into its direct mail.

Journey Management & Personalization

Journey with us through the world of direct mail, where we carefully guide every step of the customer journey.

Discover the power of personalized physical mail that seamlessly meets the unique needs of your target audience in the article Personalization Has a Rightful Name

Content creation

From catchy visuals to compelling stories – successful direct mail campaigns are driven by creativity, relevance and effectiveness.

In the following interview, our colleague Jeroen and Inge from the Heart Foundation talk more about the impact of the look and feel of your direct mail https://www.psi-vransen.nl/wat-valt-er-op-de-mat/eigen-uitstraling-dm/.

Explore with PSI-Vransen how to turn your message into tangible, engaging content that sticks.

Databased Marketing

In an era of data-driven decision-making, we reveal how your direct mail strategy benefits from the right data analysis.

Unlock the potential of targeted and personalized messages toward your target audience.

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