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PSI-Vransen Direct Marketing

Make responding via direct mail irresistible

Who says no to a beautiful gift? Or against the chance of a great reward, such as a bol.com gift card worth €200? The answer is simple: virtually no one.

The appeal of premiums and giveaways is irresistible. They can be a powerful tool to generate responses, whether it’s visiting a landing page, providing data or even making a purchase that was already on the wish list.


Some products even find their way to customers based on the value of the associated premium. In some cases, the value perception of the gift is equal to the purchase amount, almost giving the customer the idea that they are “buying” the gift.

A combination of a premium and a give-away or a “chance at” has also proven powerful. Remarkably, tests show that the relevance of the gifts to the recipient’s industry or business is not always decisive. What is crucial, however, is quality; the gift should not detract from the brand experience you want to convey.


  • Increased open rate and attention value: People are more likely to respond and participate when an attractive reward is promised.
  • Strong increase in response: The addition of a premium or give-away can significantly increase responses, increasing desired actions such as filling out data or visiting a page.
  • Suitable for loyalty and retention: Using such incentives can also help retain existing customers and strengthen their bond with the brand.
  • Lucrative even at higher cost: Even a more expensive gift or higher-value prize can pay for itself through the additional response and positive impact on customer loyalty.

Points of interest

  • Brand consistency: Make sure the quality of the premium or give-away never detracts from the brand experience you want to convey.
  • Choose between one large or several small rewards: Consider which approach is most effective for your target audience and campaign goals.

In essence, the power of premiums and giveaways is undeniable in your marketing. They are a bridge to customers and an incentive for desired actions, with a potential to increase loyalty and maximize response. With careful consideration of quality and strategy, they can become an essential part of a successful marketing campaign.

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