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Peter about Paper choice

“Prior to a DM, the choice of paper must first be considered. Which visuals best represent the customer and the DM that you want to make. Creation comes up with a concept and then we can look together at what kind of envelope, what kind of stationery can go with that. Will it be an uncoated paper, wood-free or wood-containing?

And we look at the weight. For DM it often starts at 70 grams and goes up to 450 grams and the higher the weight, the thicker the paper and the heavier. The postal rates are based, among other things, on the weight. If the envelope, the letter and the reply card are 21 grams, it is more expensive than if they were 19 grams. And that can make a big difference with a large print run.

So on the one hand we look at the appearance of the envelope and the paper and the thickness and firmness and on the other we look at the influence of the choice on postage costs. We are always working on weights and costs.

What we also have to take into account is with customers who want a very environmentally friendly image. Then we opt for FSC or PEFC paper. Or of course also recycled paper and preferably in combination with environmentally friendly degradable inks.

Of course we first make a dummy of everything in the chosen paper type. We also have a sample book with all the paper types that we can use. This way the customer gets a good picture of the final product. ”


Different types of paper:

  • Ironed or uncoated
  • Wood-free or wood-containing
  • Cardboard
  • Matt, silk or glossy
  • FSC or PEFC
  • Recycled

Want to know more about paper selection? Make an appointment with Peter for a one-on-one inspiration session.