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Peter about finishing

”You can also choose from a range of different techniques for finishing. Creasing is applying a fold line in thicker paper so that it is easier to fold. We use a lot of perforating because we always want a response possibility in the DM. For example, a reply card that you tear off. That response possibility is of course very important. We also fold and paste. Paste for example cards, cards or lottery tickets.

To distinguish your DM even more from other posts, you can add a matte or glossy lacquer and you can laminate. We do a lot with sandwich labels and labels in general. And with scratch-layers, for example, for lotteries. And think of hatches with a surprise behind them like with an advent calendar. In short … the recipient must be actively engaged upon receiving your direct mail.

What we do a lot is inline finishing, we work with a number of producers in Europe. They print on a meter wide, roll on roll. First it is printed, then the printed roll goes into a finishing machine over 30 to 50 meters long. In that machine they can personalize on both sides in black and partly in color, perforate, cut, gum, paint, apply scratch varnish, fold, paste, die-cut. Everything! A rol goes in and a complete mailing comes out. So do you want a letter with something stuck on it with a code that is linked to the addressee? With inline finishing you always know it is right. Inline finishing is suitable for runs from 200,000 copies, depending on the product. ”

Different finishing techniques:

  • Die cutting
  • Shivering
  • Punch
  • Fold
  • To stick
  • Painting
  • Lamination

Want to know more about the finishing techniques? Feel free to come and talk to us.