Target audience addresses of consumers and companies

In most countries a large amount of data is available for use in a targeted recruitment campaign. At PSI-Vransen we cooperate with professional and reliable database providers, selecting and delivering high-quality addresses of the target audience(s) for your campaign, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

Naturally, in this work we adhere to strict privacy rules and regulations. On the basis of our long-term experience across many sectors we know for a fact which lists work best for you.

Over 100 characteristics of over more than 5 million households in The Netherlands alone

Examples of possible criteria for selection – consumers

  • Age characteristics
  • Lifestyle features
  • Composition of family
  • House characteristics
  • Geographical features
  • Aspects of consumer behaviour
  • Car characteristics

Examples of possible criteria for selection – companies

  • Business size
  • Cohort of employees
  • Functional groups
  • Sector

Your optimal target audience addresses in three steps

Making an inventory

What is your intended target audience? What data is available?


Address lists and other data selection.

Data processing

Profiling, deduplicating and enriching your new data.

What are the costs of addresses for your target audience(s)?

As you will understand, the costs are highly dependent on the lists selected, the number of criteria and other factors. Addresses can be used starting from a few cents per address.

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