Data processing: harmonising and validating client data

In successfully reaching the right target audience(s) data is key. We are experienced in all aspects of formatting data for direct marketing, such as selecting, exporting, harmonising and validating. This service can be offered for a project or on a regular basis. The result: an ideally personalised message hitting home!

Our data processing solutions

Move check

Nowadays, registering moving to a new address is not customary. We triangulate your data from various sources and indicate which clients or donors can still be reached at their ‘old’ address as well as which ones have moved (including their new address).

Death register

Nothing is more sad for all parties concerned than – unknowingly – sending out your message to people who have passed away. This can be prevented by validating names and addresses in the death register.

Mail check

Do name and address match, are the address details correct, do zip code and place and residence correspond? Prevent unnecessary costs and improve the quality of your database.


Data in a database has to be in separate fields of entry. This is not always the case but vitally important, especially when personalising your message. Our data specialists harmonise, deduplicate and structure your data. For example, initials with dots in between, names of cities and towns in capitals, separating prefixes from surname, use of capitals et cetera.

Secure data protection at PSI-Vransen

PSI-Vransen has been certified with the privacy guarantee of the Dutch Direct Marketing Association (DDMA). This entails strict adherence to privacy rules and regulations. We will handle your data safely and discreetly. Our security measures regarding storage, processing and retrieval of data are tight. We have summarised them in a ‘processing agreement’ we would sign with you.

What does validating, harmonising and deduplicating cost?

A fixed cost per data record will be mutually agreed upon. The eventual price depends on the number of external sources used. Records can be validated starting from a few cents per record. In addition, we charge an hourly rate of between € 75 to € 150, depending on the complexity of the project.

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