Personalising: ‘Bingo’ all the time!

The biggest lottery in The Netherlands is the Postcode Lottery where you can participate with your home address zip code. The organising company wanted to personalise more than just the name and address of the person receiving their direct mailing. PSI-Vransen developed a tailor-made DM production within the given budget. Selection of production locations, careful purchasing, thorough quality control and tight coordination enabled us to combine multiple personalised items in one striking envelope.

We love variety

The Persgroep multimedia company, owner of many large newspapers in The Netherlands, manages several different brands with one subscriber database. How to integrate the communication of these brands ánd many different elements in one single DM production? Just use as many versions as possible without complicating things too much. PSI-Vransen developed a solution where any fullcolour version can be changed without negatively affecting the costs. Our direct mail specialists ensured efficient data sorting, coordinated production and effected quality control.

Being treated as a VIP

Loyalty programme
Over ten years ago department store chain V&D introduced their special VIP card. How to follow through with all kinds of related processes as well as direct marketing? PSI-Vransen first provided consultancy. We then took care of executing and coordinating the complete VIP programme, including direct mail productions, data processing and fulfilment. This cooperation resulted in over 1 million card holders being serviced quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.