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Peter about envelopes and embedding

“You always want to your direct mail to stand out in your mailbox. A large envelope or envelope with a buldge, a pin or another premium. An envelope with a bulge is opened nine out of ten times because it triggers curiousity in the receiver.

An envelope without a window where the address is not immediately visible, but the address printed directly on the envelope, that can also increase response. Only with a PostNL logo and a reply address is also opened more often. In my years of experience I’ve noticed and concluded that variety is very important, people want to be surprised.

And also make sure that different requirements are set in the different countries for the printing of the envelope.

What you also have to take into account with your DM is the inserting (insert in an envelope). In this way we can intelligently embroider, that is to insert the envelope in such a way that each address receives a different mailing. So you can create a mailing letter with a personalized offer and thanks to the intelligent insertion it comes in an envelope with the right address with the right folder. We go very far with differentiating. By combining different mail letters into a batch, you work much more cost efficiently.

Or opt for a self-mailer, then you no longer need an envelope!

I like to recommend the best solution ”


Different envelopes:

  • Formats C5, C6, C4,
  • Windows left and right
  • Inline
  • Paper wrap
  • Self-mailer

Want to know more about envelopes or self-mailers? We are happy to think along with you.